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Custom Music Production


Royalty Free Custom Music Compositions


NMc. Music Creative has produce custom music themes for 60+ audiobooks, which meet all sound standards set by ACX and Audible.

Each composition is composed to reflect the author's genre, the journey of

the story, as well as the authors, own vision for how music will enhance the listeners

experience and raise the bar of professionalism for your completed audiobooks.


The custom music themes produced will become a recognizable part of

your brand and audiobook series, forever. 

TV & FILM Production Music 

Production Music.jpg

NMc. Music Creative has provided exclusive custom cues for television programs such as: 

Shark Week (Discovery Channel), Operation Crocodile Rescue (Animal Planet),

Creepshow (AMC), A Taste of History (PBS), Extinct or Alive (Animal Planet),

Breaking Amish/Return to Amish (TLC),  Cake-a-likes (Food Network),

Local/Regional Commercial Sports Anthems and more.

Genre specific custom opportunity requests include (but are not limited to): Suspense, Action, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Corporate, Tension, Ambient & Atmospheric, 

Inspirational & Triumphant, Romantic, Dramedy, RnB, Swamp Blues, Light Trap,

EDM, Urban Pop, High Energy Sports Themes and more.

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