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Audio and Video Services

NMc. Music Creative offers royalty-free custom music compositions and a wide range of professional

audio & video production services. 

They include:

  • ​Custom Audiobook Music Themes for Authors and Performance Narrators

  • Custom Music Themes for YouTube Channels, Podcasts & Online Content Creators

  • Podcast Production Services

  • Virtual Children's Book Read-Aloud Video Production

  • Promotional Video Trailers

  • Post Production Narration Editing

  • Audio Mixing & Mastering

While you are here:

  • Purchase newly released original music.

  • Listen to production music currently available for exclusive licensing.

  • Sample a Playlist of already exclusively licensed music.

  • Listen to custom music themes from audiobooks currently available on

  • View a sampling of NMc. Music Creative audio & video productions.

If you have questions regarding the services offered or would like a quote, please contact me directly.

Thank you, ~Nikki

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